Jan. 30th, 2010

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Well, in several, actually. House, BSG, Doctor Who...

We start our tale in House fandom, where there are several popular ships and thus several popular shipping comms. One such was [community profile] house_cuddy, where a post in Russian got several members making some rather nasty comments about Russians in general. Mod [profile] lissie_pissie made a post that was Not Okay and also that moderated posting was now on.

So far, so normal in the life of a mod. But then [profile] fishingvegas, who is a maintainer on the comm, deleted that post, removed [profile] lissie_pissie as a mod and announced that to the comm. Comm members were less than pleased and told him so. And then [community profile] house_cuddy was deleted.

People made a temporary comm - [profile] housecuddy_temp - complained on their own journals and suddenly [profile] hourse_cuddy was back again. This time with a post by mod [personal profile] hihoplastic (who apparently had been mod originally, but had been busy elsewhere for a while) that she was now mod, and would like people's comments in a screened post. (But no drama, please!)

Then [profile] hourse_cuddy was deleted again. Still is, at writing. (This may change.)

*stares and boggles* Yeah. I'm not in fandom or care about any of the ships, but that's pretty shitty to have happen to a comm you're fond of.

Meanwhile, in BSG fandom, an author is not happy about anon comments on her story on an anon meme and respons. Several other issues seem to be involved as well. Fandoms die not in whimpers, but in wank and anonmemes?

(I haven't read the story - haven't read any BSG story in a while - and I am not too fond of self-promotion, as there is a strong resistance to pushing yourself out there in Norwegian culture. The US has a quite different culture there, and hey, that's the world. I think the key is just to remember personally not digging something ≠ it being bad. You can dislike something because it is bad, sure, but you can also dislike something due to personal taste. And man, sometimes I wish I had it in me to push my own stories a bit more, because I do like feedback and it makes my day. But cultural codes are strong, you know?)

Returning from that digression, a post at [profile] tennant_love with pictures of David and his girlfriend (must be a member of the comm to see it now; it was originally unlocked) makes the mouse come out with possible trollish intentions. The girlfriend gets accused of neglecting her child, being ugly and implied not worthy of David, but all the anon hate is not all motivated by jealousy, noooo.

Mod steps in and disables anon commenting.

Last two situations do make me wonder - anon comments and anon memes: Good for fandom, bad for fandom, or would the sentiment in them just come out in other ways if expressing them anon was not a possibility? I tend to lean a bit towards the third, but which of them is true could very well vary from fandom to fandom.

As for me, I've had an exhausting week - also emotionally - and I need this weekend to recharge oh so much. Anyone got any batteries?

In other news, Nepal is to legalize gay marriage and will offer ceremonies on Mount Everest.


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