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I'm wet and it's raining insanely. Thanks, weathergods. I so enjoy biking home into a wall of water, crafted by a combination of strong wind and strong rain.

Of course, I was in a slightly annoyed mood from working too much and also working with a colleague who randomly declared her belief that crop circles were made by aliens using balls of energy in the middle of a discussion of what to teach kids at middle school.

Um, yeah. Probably not what you should teach the kids, being that there is zilch documented evidece for said belief and a lot of documentations for many of them being made by humans.

I am very happy with sign-ups at [profile] girlsavesboyfic though. Very, very happy. There is going to be so much awesome fic! I am still trying to decide what I should sign up with - I am half tempted to do a Gwen-saves-Arthur for Merlin, playing with tropes from Norwegian fairytales.

Meanwhile, here is a weird smushing of things I like: Jack Davenport is voicing a World of Warcraft machinima movie called Death Knight Love Story. (He's specifically voicing the Death Knight hero, as far as I can tell.)

That's a really weird collision of seperate interests of mine. Also Brain Blessed is voicing the Lich King. Oh my.

In the news:
- Australia has a hung Parliament.
- Arabic becomes compulsory in Israeli schools.
- An unusual one-man protest in Spain.
- Did the CIA feed a French town LSD?
- What it means to be a Muslim in the US today.
- The Norwegian oil fund excludes three new companies (two Israeli, one Malaysian after advice from the Council on Ethics.

Can anyone recommend something akin to YouTube for uploading and showing off videos?


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