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Hey Aussies, did you know you had a state called Capricornia?

True fact, according to that stellar map The Dail Mail suppplied. Meanwhile, flooding in Queensland is still bad. I have great affection for Qld after living there, so sending all the anti-flooding vibes I can. Stay safe, Aussies.

So this is 2011, starting out much like 2010 ended. Meanwhile, here in Norway, a TV personality was attacked by a moose while walking his dog and suffered serious damages. Brain hemorrage and loss of vision in one eye to mention some. Okay, one should take care near adult moose especially if they have moose kids with them, but damn. Moose aren't usually that aggressive.

The BBC has made a list of 100 things we learned through 2010, which has many cool things.

I've been nominated in the 2010 Spock/Uhura awards for the one Star Trek story I wrote last year, and in two categories even. (Best One-Shot and Best Humor.) Can't complain about that.

I've also started my post-apocalypse story and decided to make it mainly a Merlin AU set in something akin to our time. I've also decided to sneak in other characters from everything to L&O:UK and Melrose Place.

How's the near year treating you?

(What the hell is going on in Torchwood fandom, anyway? Massive implosion or something?)

Date: 2011-01-04 11:06 am (UTC)
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Moose attack? Wow. That's... odd. I can see it happening during the mating season with an enamored bull, but...


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