Jun. 16th, 2010

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Yes, I am alive.

Just stuff and life and the WoW guild I belong to ending and various vaguely depressing stuff and yeah, life. It's all made me moody.

Meanwhile, fandom has truckered on and SPN fandom has had a bit of a car wreck.

It all starts when an author writes a SPN RPS fic set in post-earthquake Haiti - and apparently started on it pretty much instantly after the earthquake.

Can you count the ways in which this is a bad idea? I sure can count several.

2) It's a Jared/Jensen story, and thus the setting of Haiti becomes more of a backdrop and the earthquake a prop for a romance.
3) The main characters are white, while Haiti's population is not. The potential to go wrong with this is already high, especially given point 2.
4) Using Haiti as the setting, but changing the facts of it as the author pleases, making it even more of a convenient prop that can be changed at will.
5) Using actual images of earthquake victims in the artwork for the fic.
6) Romance in the face of tragedy can be comforting if it is in spite of it, just as compassion and hope and life going on in spite of tragedies can be. It shows human will to survive and live on. Implying a tragedy as a good thing because it helped bring about a romance? People affected by the tragedy (and plenty of others) might not take too kindly to that.
7) Calling it the best idea ever beforehand and claiming to have done a 'decent job of it' when first confronted with the story maybe having a few issues.
8) Writing it racist starts a whole other list of bad.

On point 8, I point you to some of the quotes from the fic. Now, I am whitey mcpale-viking of the cold north and I am no expert on racism. But that to me reeks of a certain racism - the kind that many will say isn't intended as malicious or even intended at all, but is deeply seated in society. The sort that makes a lot of us non-PoC quite defensive, because it is uncomfortable to consider yourself racist and hey, it wasn't intentional, right?

That can be right. But that doesn't make it okay. That isn't a get out of jail free card. That isn't a defence. That isn't absolution. And if it's treated as an excuse, it will never change, either.

So don't use it as one. And FFS, don't name a big black cat after a big black character that walks and talks magical negro trope. That's just... Aiai.

This post has a summary of some of the troubling aspects, it's being discussed at Unfunny Business and the author has made an apology of sorts. Don't know if this will be the end of it.

And in the real world, Haiti is still suffering from the effects of the earthquake. It is still possible to donate. Google lists some options, and you can check your aid organisation of choice as well.

ETA: Oh excellent, she isn't the only one to have done this. *facepalm*
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Sarah Palin on what she would do to solve the oil spill crisis: (from about 5 minutes in)

What the federal government should have done is accept the assistance of foreign countries. [...] The Dutch, they are known - and the Norwegian - they are known for dikes and cleaning up water and for dealing with spills. They offered to help, and yet no they too with the proverbial can't even get a phone call back.

Oh, we're known, are we?

In light of this, I am now launching Rent-A-Norwegian. That's right, just a phone call away is your water-cleaning, spill-dealing and dike-known Norwegian, ready to solve your crisis! Distance, unfamiliar environment and not-exactly applicaple skills are no hinderance! Rent-A-Norwegian is your magical soundbyte fix-it! Additional extras are available upon enquiry and at additional cost.

Rent-A-Norwegian today! Accept no subsitute - except the Dutch!

Incidentally, Norwegian scientists are helping out, Norway is one of many countries BP is getting technical assistance from and also equipment. So, you know.

(The oil spill has also made Norway consider how to approach future oil exploration. I grew up in the North and just the thought of oil spills up there makes me shiver. Ugh.)

Meanwhile, what is this bullshit that Criminal Minds is going to drop two of its main female characters?


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