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Why am I up so late? Let me count the whys.

- Patch 3.1.0 for World of Warcraft is coming , and I am playing with talent calculating, reading up on changes and Ulduar raid and generally being all 'whee patch!' My guild has raided Naxxramas and cleared everything, done most of the achivements and been quite eager for some new challenges for a while, yes.
- I got me a dreamwidth account and have been poking around it, looking at stuff. I will stay on LJ, have no fear, but I might post to both if it seems worth it. You can poke me over there if you want.
- The cat first wanted out, then in, then to be fed, then to be cuddled, then to stretch out and have my whole bed as his. Hmpf.
- Reading up on Amazonfail. Am not impressed.
- Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles cancelled, says Entertainment Weekly. Aww. I was considering checking it out. Instead, Fox wants to make shows like this, it seems. Um, yeah.
- People leave me links like these. WTF Sweden, keeping copies of child pornography in libraries by law?!
- Ratings debate about Dollhouse, slightly wanky as a bonus. Why am I reading ratings blah blah for a show I don't even watch? I don't know, I'm weird. And strangely interested in stuff I'm not really invested in at times.
- [livejournal.com profile] smith_awards have opened for voting and I looked around to see what had been nominated. I'm in New Who Het, which has a lot of Ten/Martha and Ten/Donna, interestingly. Makes it a change from the CoT awards, I guess.
- I wrote more RPF. Oops.

I'm so going to suffer for this not-sleeping tomorrow. Bugger.
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There are bad ideas, and there are BAD IDEAS. I'm not even in that particular fandom, but wow.

At the recent LA convention, Misha Collins was quoted as saying…“I'm fascinated by this slash fic thing. I’ve read only one, but it stuck with me. I'd like to find out more, if I could do it without being molested." Well, Misha… Your wish is our command. (...) I am going to the convention in Vancouver in August. (...) I plan to put together 6-8 fanfiction stories and present it to him when I have the opportunity. I will have it bound and my hope is that it will have some great artwork on the front.

Also to be included, RPF and oi. Look, the actor might be a little curious, but it's not like the stuff is hard to find on the Internets. Actually giving him printouts of various hardcore stuff (with artwork!) and including RPF? No no no no no. BAD IDEA.


- I finished BSG crime fic. 'Love and Simplicity: A Murder on Galactica' and I clocked it in at a little over 7000 words. Haven't decided if I'll post it as one, or split it up in two or three pieces - we'll see. Beta needs a good, hard look at it first in any case. Officially longest BSG fic I've done, actually. Yay?
- I kind of want to write another BSG/Doctor Who crossover with Ten and Martha, doing Daybreak a bit AU, Ten curing Laura's cancer just because, the TARDIS speaking through a hybrid and Lee and Martha hooking up a bit. Um. I don't know about my brain sometimes.
- I've started reading a bit of RPF and feel naughty and guilty about it. It's all [livejournal.com profile] bsg_pornbattle's fault.
- Anyone want to look at my Adama/Roslin manifesto, just to make sure I don't say anything completely off? I've finished it, but it's not due until April 8th, so no rush.
- PMing me instead of using Page-A-Mod on [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips when you're a long-time user of the the comm and I even have a bit in my user info you shouldn't do that? Makes me a little grumpy.
- Making me more grumpy: Reading some Kara/Lee shippers going off on Katee. UGH.
- I really, really hate Thaddius on achivement mode.
- More and more snow is vanishing, and you can actually see the ground in places. SPRING NORWAY SPRING. I think I will try to take some pictures of spring stuff here this year, because it's really lovely.
- The state has sent me my proposed tax returns for 2008 and whee, I get back a substansial sum this year too. Cha-ching.
- Wedding tomorrow, huh.
- It's Easter next week, with marzipan and crime and all the silly Norwegian Easter traditions I love. Plus holidays. Anyone got any plans?
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(Another day in the life of CamFamily - [livejournal.com profile] misscam and CamMum happen to be sharing a train to work, as sometimes happen.)
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: So, wedding next week, huh?
CamMum: (confused) Whaaa...? Whose?
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Yours and dad's!
CamMum: Oh, right. I thought for a moment there I'd forgotten something.
[livejournal.com profile] misscam: Apparently, you had. Your own!

My parents, lol. Wedding next Wednesday, and I got time off from work that week. Finally. I'll have time to get out the summer clothes, fix my bike and write some fanfic. BSG-kind, naturally.

Another reason Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell rock my boat -Spoilers for Daybreak p2 ) Awwwww.

Bear McCreary also posted his finale post, and it's long, informative and guess which scene really made him cry? Yeah. I'm so buying his double-CD when it comes. And where's my season 4.5 DVD with deleted scenes, extended stuff EJO and MM doing a commentary shut up I can dream, bloopers and lots of behind the scenes stuff? I am waiting.

Finally, I give you: Titanic (an animated musical) review - part one and part two. Because every blockbuster should have an animated musical rip-offversion. With a rapping dog, racially stereotyped mice, crying dalmations and some really stupid accents. It's like Disney met a trainwreck and added to the impact.

Never say I don't bring you some proper WTF.
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Moment of total '...': Parents announce that they are in fact getting married as soon as they can, filling out the paperwork already and could I be mum's maid of honour?

Right then.

To get my slight 'bwhuh?' over this, understand that my parents have been lovingly committed non-married for over 30 years, and used to joke they never got married because all their friends who did got divorced. This non-marriage worked swimmingly for them, and so I rather got used to their attitude about it all. (Norway's got laws that more or less equal marriage and 'cohabitation', as it is know. Basically a sort of common law marriage.) I even got fond of using them as an example that it's love it's about, rather than ceremonies.

Of course, then it turns out they're getting married for pension reason. Figures. (The 'less' part in the equal is how pension are done when a spouse/partner dies, though this will be changed in law soon enough.) They liked being contrary too much for this to be some romantic gesture. (And dad's 'pre-wedding' gift to mum? A new shelf. My parents. I love them, truly.)

Still, my parents are getting married. And I will be maid of honour. This might be kind of cute. And weird. My parents. Marriage. Huh.

In non-cute news, this story about a boy that abused a cat on a vid he uploaded to YouTube makes me want to cuddle my cats lots. A text version of the story is here.

Association Meme: Comment to this post with 'comment!' and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[livejournal.com profile] marcasite gave me:
News Headlines
Finder of the Best Wank

(Six items, but I'll do them all anyway, heh.)

Here we go )
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Have recieved a job offer which involved me getting a police testimony today, confirming I have no criminal record. It's a bit weird having a stamped paper saying you're not a criminal, must admit. First time I've ever had to get that. And this job could spin my life in a slightly new direction. Huh. I can't tell all about it yet, but it could be good, yes. We shall see.

Merlin has started to air on Norwegian television, and so far it's not exactly Arthurian legend as I remember it. It seems to simultaneous be on crack and just about to turn into an orgy. Even the dragon seems keen! This could possibly be a good thing. Possibly. Worth keeping an eye on, y/n?

Life on Mars season one is on rerun meanwhile, and reminding me I really liked this show. I never felt like doing fandom for it, but the show was smashing. Hard to predict sometimes what gets me fannish and what just gets me faithfully watching.

[livejournal.com profile] ohnotheydidnt have managed to find LJ's hereto unknown and undocumented cap of 16.7 million total comments before there's no more room in the dataspace to store them. I'm impressed.

Jessica Alba and TMZ seems to have a bit of a war over which country is the 'neutral' one and it involves taking pot shots at Sweden. Hey now, TMZ! Leave Sweden alone! We're the ones allowed to take pot shots at them. That's right. Norway. Don't be weaseling in on our territory. We will oil-smack your ass.

Wank about butter. As you do.

Pick up to 15 OTPs.
Describe them in less than 15 words.
Have your flist guess the OTP.
(In my case, many of these are more PPP.)

1. Wandering sewage drains can be hot. Complicated is the whole point. Fantasy lost. Catherine/Warrick, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
2. Book by book, touch by touch, build love after the end of the worlds. Adama/Roslin, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
3. Last word was his name; he had sailed away never to hear it. Frank/Rachel, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] lotus79.
4. She'd probably call him 'sir' in bed; still wouldn't be the weirdest thing about them. Lynley/Havers, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84 and [livejournal.com profile] enchantedmoon.
5. She's something worth living for; twenty years the limit. Sheridan/Delenn, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] padawanpooh.
6. He would love her sorrowless, she loved him though he was no King. Faramir/Éowyn, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
7. Issues, bad communication, silly hats, proposal among bees and even bugs in the jungle. Grissom/Sara, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
8. Seduce him for a reason, fall in love despite it, be suprisingly fuctional against all. Sharon/Helo, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] falena84.
9. From ancient grudge break to new unity, where different races makes friendship true. Legolas/Gimli, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea.
10. Sam and Sam, friends to lovers to spouses to tragedy. Rita/Chris, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] enchantedmoon.
11. Break a heart in Norway, end up in the same place with one for keeps. Doctor/Rose, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
12. Opposites attract, said the believer and the sceptic, and there's no global conspiracy denying it. Mulder/Scully, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] longtimegone.
13. See the moon, inspire a sonnet, walk away without the boy: maybe time wasn't right. Doctor/Martha, guessed by [livejournal.com profile] rivrea and [livejournal.com profile] skybound2.
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Yesterday, my ISP manages to eff up my Internet connection the whole day, and even with it back today, it's acting wobbly and stupid. In addition, several work-related shit things come up that will probably remain shitty for a while. Not a good day at all.

Today, I find out I might have to put my cat down. Hopefully not and all, but argh :(

Someone kill this week for me already.
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New Year's Eve always makes me feel so melancholy.

It's something about all the programs summing up the year, all the talk of what was, and I start to think and remember that while a year can actually pass really fast, a lot can still happen.

2008 was a fairly quiet year for me personally, seeming to consist of mainly work and just everyday stuff. Can't really lay claim to anything very out of the ordinary. Fandomwise, I discovered Battlestar Galactica, and started to challenge my own idea of myself as rather boringly vanilla by vaguely considering an incest pairing and reading orc/human (Jaina/Thrall is the awesome) stuff while waiting for new BSG eps. Still liked my Doctor Who, rediscovered my love for Lord of the Rings and Narnia and poked about lots of other things, some of them embarassing. Also, I played a lot of WoW.

It was a not a bad year for me, but times change as years pass, and sometimes you have okay years, sometimes great, sometimes bad - but they all end inevitably anyway. Perhaps a reminder to endure that which is bad in the hope that that too will pass, and to treasure what you have while you have it, for not even stars are eternal and certainly not a year on Earth.

The world was not always a pretty place in 2008, as illustrated by the current clashes in Palestine - a conflict sadly bereft of easy solutions and sadly filled with too much suffering. Too many died this year from fellow human beings, but too many die every year. The finance crisis, a lot of which was caused by simple greed and lack of oversight, smacked into the world and the damage is still unfolding. A Norwegian journalist died in Afghanistan in an attack perhaps targetting our visiting Foreign Minister; and not even little Norway is safe in the great big world. The US got a new President and maybe new hope. Russia and Georgia nearly went to war, and Iraq still doesn't really know peace. Finland suffered a shock massacre by kids to kids; million of kids starved to death around the world because we share really badly.

But there's also kindness, mercy, attempts to help, drives for peace, charity and the mother of nine children in Congo talking in three children who lost their parents even if she was already starined with the nine she had. There is humanity.

"Keep to the heights!" quoted our King in his yearly New Year's speech, quoting our lost Norwegian journalist and a common saying when walking in the mountains. (Norway having a few of them, as you might know.) Keep to the heights; see where the path leads in terrain of obstacles; have perspective from above so you do not get lost; have sight beyond just where you are standing; lift your eyes.

So. Happy New Year, friends, aquaintances and fellow humans. If your year was bad, may the next be better. If your year was good, may the same happen.

Keep your heights.

Oh, and don't get too hung over in the morning, yeah? (This brought to you by the too many drinks I'm about to have.)
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I'm sure we can all share the annoyance of communities getting deleted when it was one enjoyed, but I'm not sure asking the members of several other communities to badger the mod to get it back is really the bestest idea. Especially when doing it in more than one place.

I sense that will go nowhere good.

I finally watched Prince Caspain yesterday, after having owned the DVD over a week and never gotten around to seeing it in the cinema. Bit fail-y of me, really, because I really love the Narnia books and enjoyed the first movie.

Ramblings about my childhood, lasting books, snow and indeed, Narnia )

So I watched Prince Caspian in bed and after a few 'hang on, isn't Caspian a tad bit too old there?' I got into it and felt nostalgic and silly and kinda happy, right up until the moment where the movie was over and I felt a bit like reading the Narnia books again and realised I left them in Australia. On purpose.



I need to treat my childhood better and buy me some new Narnia books.
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Actually feeling quite cheerful, and for a couple of reasons (fandom and real life):

- Have finished BSG fic again. Shocking, I know. Even more so because it wasn't the one I was intending to write, but sometimes a story just goes places as you write it. Now I just gotta sort out beta situation.

- BSG trailer and lots of BSG hints about reminding me after Christmas, my baby is back. This is good.

- There is new Doctor Who for Christmas and maybe it'll even come without companion wank. That would be great.

- Naxxramas raid with guild in WoW tonight. Ooooh.

- Have sorted out most Christmas stuff, and thus instead of stressing out, can enjoy Decemeber and marzipan. Mm. Marzipan.

- I've discovered a salami and chili pizza. Be still my heart, if not my breath.

- Been watching lots of Penn & Teller's Bullshit!, which makes me laugh even when I disagree with something. Sometimes, even shitty things can be viewed in a funny way and that's how I mostly keep sane.

- Winter sport season has officially kicked into gear. Which means I can spend Sunday mornings watching well-trained men in really, really tight clothing. Proper Norwegian tradition, that.

- I've apparently been nominated for something by Children of Time awards, which I don't know exactly what is or who run by, but I'll take it as a compliment either way.

Anything you feeling cheerful about today?
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I am home from Amsterdam!

Had a smashing time, lovely weather and lots of good food. Yes, pancakes too.

A mini-picspam from the trip )

All in all, fun was had and was nice seeing my brother again. But now I am exhausted - my feet hurts from too much walking, I've got a gazillion things to catch up on and I missed important football happenings while I was gone. But I did send cards to all that asked. Expect them in like a week or so. (If you live in the US, anyway.)

So, did I miss anything in fandom or otherwise?
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[livejournal.com profile] falena84 is here and I've spent the weekend showing her Norwegian stuff around Oslo - even the weather cooperated. (But she almost cursed all my football teams today - loses just barely avoided, eep! Italians are a plague upon Norwegian football - they always knock us out of big tournaments. Hmpf.) Most kind of you, weather. Tomorrow, we set out for the fjords in the west. At 5.30. 5.30 should be banned from holidays, quite frankly. Ah well, needs must. I'll be fairly absent for another week - hope you'll all have a smashing one.

And stay safe, people in the path of hurricane Gustav. Ouch :( (And why would they have to name such a nasty hurricane after my grandfather?)

Oh, and if that mysterious BSG trailer should finally make it to the general Internet population, SAVE IT FOR ME. And watch fandom for things I'd enjoy, yeah?

See you in about a week.
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So, one of the reasons for a bit of gloom as alluded to in previous posts is that I am leaving my current job and my last day is Friday. This Friday. Now, I am really looking forward to a bit of holiday before I start the new one and all that, but I've grown very fond of people here and it's been an awesome time and one of the better places I've worked, so I'm feeling sad about it.

If you catch me being a bit blah this week, there's a large chunk of the reason. Changes are good, but changes are also really depressing, you know? They're ordering cakes for me and having a goodbye party and everyone's actually genuinely sad I'm leaving and it's really a bit emotional. I can't think about it, I'll cry. Wah.

On that philosophical bombshell, we wander into fandom matters of varying importance. Yarr.

From my flist: A blog post from a fan of David Tennant going to a Hamlet showing and witnessing a bit of fan-mobbing after. I read that and rather winced. Now, I freely admit to eyeing and enjoying males I find attractive and being a non-ashamed fan of my various likes, but... Oi. Fans and fame are also a scary things, which I've had a passing glimpse into via my father and yeah, oi :(

The of course I read this and sort of *headdesk*ed.

WHUT the fanfic edition. Erm. What?

This secret at [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets made me blink a bit. Now, I find Adama/Roslin quite hot and sweet and all (duh), but I'm not quite seeing the hotness with pregnancy. Then again, I don't get the babyfic thing at all. One of these days I'll have to write one just for that reason. (Not necessarily a A/R one. I did consider a human!Doctor/Rose one just for the chance to play with being mostly human, but eh well.)

Got recced at [livejournal.com profile] calufrax for a really old Doctor Who story of mine, which felt weird. Anyone else feel a bit disconnected to older stories? Guess it's because I don't remember the emotional investement and time spent writing it anymore. Feels a bit silly rather wanting comments on newer stuff, but then, I am frequently silly.

Also from the flist:

In the life and Norway:

- Python kills zookeeper. Okay, pythons are not as lethal as vemonous snakes, but would you let out a three-metre python?

- An article on an endangered whale species gets comments like this gem: The right whale lacks the capability to get out the way of ships, likes to loll around at the surface and essentially takes up space in the ocean. If you believe in survival of the fittest, then you should also agree that the right whale isn’t it. Save something else. I like to call that 'spot five fails', and *why* is this person taking up space in my gene pool?

- Well-known attorny admits to shooting at asylum centre where a 16-year-old aylum seeker was severly injured. Judging by the fact that he was also arrested for threatning passerbys at a motorcycle gathering with a knife, he does seem a bit unhinged. Is it bad of me hoping that is the motivation rather than racism? We haven't had a lot of racially motivated violence in Norway and in my naive hope, I was kinda wishing we could keep it so.

- Troubles in the US also effects Norway's oil fund. But I see it still grew to USD 370.8 billion - can I get a cha-ching?

- Norway's first war crime trial since the aftermath of WWII. Several tricky issues in there, including the fact that the guy wasn't a Norwegian citizen at the time of these alleged crimes and that they happened at a time Norway didn't have the laws he's now been tried after. Hmm.

Big cleaning project today. Funny how soon-arriving guests (in this case [livejournal.com profile] falena84) brings out the vanity and vacuum cleaner like nothing else, heh. Maybe that'll distract me from impending emotional wah-ness.

Anything up with you?
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Weekend managed to be a pain - literally, as I'm having one of those give-me-painkillers-or-give-me-death time of months and the latter option is actually sounding more tempting. Ooooow. In addition to other stuff and getting very little sleep due to pain, I'm grumpy and feel a bit needy of reassurance I don't suck, which is just a lame place to be at. Sigh.

Any of you having a lame time I can help with? Offer still stands there and if I can cheer you up a little with giving a compliment or feedback or something small like that, do let me know. It'll probably cheer me up some too. (But wouldn't say no to some cheering up efforts. Blah life.)

Also, if you want postcards from my upcoming adventure with [livejournal.com profile] falena84 around Norway, here's the post to do it before it's too late.

Meanwhile, the Olympics are over and a certain British newspaper has celebrated Great Britain beating Australia in the gold tally with, to quote the Aussies, 'all the restraint and good taste that you'd expect'. Ahahaha. Norway ended up with three gold, beating Sweden with none. China beat the US and a good time were had by those who wonall.

Now, I've had vague introductions to how crazy American Idol fandoms can be before, but this tale of wank in Josh Groban fandom just had me stare a bit. Granted, it's not quite the MsScribe story, but oi. Whut the. Am I the only one who thinks dragging personal lives into it is crossing the line a bit? (That's why the recent 'outing' that lead to all the bruhahaha over FanHistory didn't sit right with me. Well, part of the reason.)

Cracked takes on The 5 Most Baffling Sex Scenes in the History of Fanfiction and while some of their write-up is funny, I'm pretty sure ten minutes with Google could find something more baffling than that. Anyone up for the challenge? (And I used to write a bit of Legolas and Gimli. Hah.)

I miss new Battlestar Galactica like crazy and January is too far away. Must think of something fannish to do to keep my abstinence level down. Did finish my MOL fic for Friday, not sure what to write next. Hmm. I'd have a proper rewatch, but I lent my brother some of my DVDs and he's in Holland. SciFi is withholding trailer so I can speculate over that or get icons of something in particular in it, and argh, I am not a patient person. GIMME NEW SHINY THINGS.

No new Doctor Who for a while either, and fandom seems a bit quiet, at least when it's not having the same companion discussions for the billionth time.

I don't know, anyone else feeling a bit impatient-come-bored fandom-wise?

I could always watch CSI and CSI fandom when new episodes air, I suppose. That should be... Interesting. Yes.
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NSB did it again - train service down for a whole hour during rush hour and then 15 minutes delayed this morning. Fuuun. In addition, we had another round of heavy rain. Hmpf. But [livejournal.com profile] falena84 is coming here in a week, so maybe the weathergods are preparing for it their favourite way.

Speaking of Norway and tourism, I present to you some 'interesting' questions asked by tourists in Norway and jotted down for rememberance by various tourist offices around my country.

When is the hunting season for trolls? & other 'gems' )

Oh, tourists.

In other notes:

- Oh my, CSI trailer for new season. With implied sex. Fandom to go mental again, y/y?

- Anyone know if shiny BSG trailer of WANT might be shown on DragonCon also and therefore might finally be shared with the rest of us eager fans? I WANT. (That trailer can feel free to include implied sex also. Oh yes.)

- My guild killed Lady Vashj this week. FINALLY. We wiped on her at 8% and 2% and I was about ready to go mental in frustration and then it happened. BWHAHAHA. Now we have Kael and Archimonde to go.

- [livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips is having a Month of Love thing.

- Interesting article on the trade of gold farming for games - World of Warcraft is perhaps most known for its gold farmers.

- Stargate: Atlantis is cancelled. Oh dear. I didn't watch it, but I know friends did, so can I offer you a drink to drown your woes?

- Top misheard lyrics. Ehehehe.

From [livejournal.com profile] dune_drd: When you see this, post snippets of all your works-in-progress.

Gravity Attraction, Adama/Roslin )

Adama/Roslin Month of Love (comfort) )

A TARDIS Carol, Doctor/everyone )

Some sort of hopeful fic, Adama/Roslin )

Thing I don't know what is yet )

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Awesome weekend!

- Tromsø, my darling team, won their match 4-0 and is still third in the league - if they win the match they had postponed they will be second. I'm trying very hard not to get excited and failing. Must remind myself there is still a lot of the season left, even if we're past halfway.
- Shiny Amazon package with Sarah Jane Adventures, Top Gear specials, Hogfather and Razor arrived. Mmm. Shinies.
- I finished "Far More Trouble (aka Five Time Bill Adama Got Laid and One Time Lee Probably Did)" and sent to beta. Yes, it is almost as much sex in it as it sounds like and a bit more introspection than it sounds like. [livejournal.com profile] falena84 even made me this icon to encourage it.
- New LJ header! [livejournal.com profile] misscam Because Adama and Roslin have eaten by brain, yes. [livejournal.com profile] skybound2 was kind enough to make it for me :)
- BSG wrap-up video posted with some screencaps and POTENTIAL SPOILERS LIKE WHOA. Also, POTENTIAL AWESOME AND HEARTBREAK LIKE WHOA. Now we just need the new trailer and, you know, new episodes.
- My World of Warcraft guild downed Kaz'rogal the first time we tried him and it was sweeter than sweet. (We haven't been doing Mount Hyjal of late, focusing more on Black Temple and summer holidays.) We had a go at next one (Azgalor) and got him to 36% in first go, and then it was bedtime so we're going after him again tonight. We get him, Archimonde is the next target. Eee Archimonde. Also, I've been promoted to Raid Leader in my guild now. Eeek, scary.

I seriously went to bed with the most awesome glee on Sunday and of course was then faced with a pile of work Monday morning. That's life for you.

Links o'interest:

- For 9000 USD, you too can own a Titanic inflatable slide. (Larger image here.) I'm not sure if I'm appalled or amused, actually. Titanic inflatable slide. Okay!
- A post arguing why Steven Moffat is not a misogynist, with debates in the comments. Hmm. Seems to be the topic for discussion at the moment in Doctor Who fandom. I'm just hoping people can have a sane debate about it without making it derail into shipwars and grudges and all that blues.
- This story about a team scoring on itself to advance in a Cup cracks me the hell up. They then went on to defend the opposing team's goal. Gotta love some of the crazy things you find on Snopes.
- Norway had a solar ecplise. It was only partial here, but still something to see.
- Also in Norway, lightning strikes over 50 people. (!!!)
- One killed in French mini-tornado. (!!!)
- Still no interest in Twilight, but reading the reviews over at Amazon is a bit fun. Seems very divided into either deep hate or deep love. The hype for it probably plays in there. Anyone on my flist read it yet and willing to divulge an opinion?

Anything awesome going on with you?
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Ow, ow. I have scariest bruise ever after manging to fall down the stairs last night and it makes it impossible to sit properly. *shakes head at self* Remind me never to get up no matter how spectacular the thunder-storm is. It never ends well. Ooooow.

In today's WTF, courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] lotus79, the abstinence thong. Yeah, that's right. To quote the seller, Panty-minimalists love our casual thong that covers sweet spots without covering your assets; putting an end to panty-lines. This under-goodie is 'outta sight' in low-rise pants. Toss these message panties onstage at your favorite rock star or share a surprise message with someone special ... later.


In other stuff:

- Writing fic as challenged by [livejournal.com profile] lotus79, which has to include socks, hammer, bathrobe, hotwater bottle and a cat and is titled "Five Times Bill Adama Got Laid". I got the socks done.
A teaser )

- Supernatural fandom is so confusing at times. Wank, which I can't follow half of.

- Man survives lost in the Australian outback by eating termites.

- Raise your hand if you don't want to read "Twillight" even for the so-bad-it's-entertaining possibility. *raises hand*

- Thai school offers transsexual toilet. An interesting look at transsexuals in Thailand, that one, and how tolerated it is.

- Law and Order: UK is going to be fandom crossover for me - Apollo and Martha! (Well, their actors.) But that would be one hot hookup too, so I approve already. Since I have a sort of lingering affection for the L&O shows, I think I'll give it a try.

- Planning [livejournal.com profile] falena84's visit here in less than a month. Whee. I've decided since she's Italian and therefore can't be impressed by culture or old buildings, fjords and mountains will have to do it. Work it for Norway, fjords! Now I just need the weather to cooperate.

- This anon flame is lol, especially since that fic ain't all that peervy or anything. And the IP reveals it's some Aussie who left it. Don't like the sex, Aussies?

- Anyone else been getting quite a few comments of late on older Doctor/Rose stuff? I have - wondering if the finale made people interested again or something. Sadly, I feel a bit ungrateful for wishing I was getting those for Adama/Roslin stuff instead. Feedback is love either way of course, but extra love when it's for something you're currently excited about.

So, LJ is a bit quiet, I am a bit overworked, pained and annoyed SciFi still hasn't coughed up new BSG trailer for general viewing, and how are you?
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Weirdest dream in a while: My cat gets shot. I take out his heart to get it beating again and manage to by pressing it a bit and fiddling with it like lego and then I put it back in. But I'm not sure I have fitted the pieces quite right even if the cat is breathing again, so I take the cat to the vet. AS YOU DO. Also, Stabæk beat Fredrikstad 1-0. (They really play today - will I be clairvoyant?)

I think this dream is sparked by the cat curling up in bed with me (very wet! We had an nightly rain-storm) and of course that I watched football just before bed. But still.

If you're friends with [livejournal.com profile] aj, a friend is hosting her a 42 Days in Hell -athon with various fandoms. I immidiately wanted to write Adama/Roslin stuck in a cell for 42 days and how they'd cope, but that's because I'm me. (Don't you just love friends that do that sort of thing for you, though?)

(Also got my ficathon fic back from beta and now I have to wait until Friday at the earliest to post. This is the disadvantage of finishing early and having no patience. Bugger. But on the bright side, it's my longest BSG fic so far.)

Speaking of BSG, a return in January seems fairly confirmed. If you trust SciFi, that is. Hmm. I want my BSG, dammit!

Cam ponders older people and sex, not really TMI )

I rather want an Adama/Roslin icon with 'Say no to ageism! Say yes to Mom/Dad sex!' now.

Finally, Avatar finale seems to have caused shipping wank, but since I am don't watch it and don't really care, what I want to know is who else hates mushed ship names like burning? (I saw Adama/Roslin made into Rodama the other day and wondered where I had left my napalm.) Quite some time ago I invited people on my flist to add hating mushed ship names to their interests and now I do it again.

I'm not beyond bribing.
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In them notes:

- I know quite a few on my flist have been enjoying Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and of course, there is already wankery about it. That's totally not surprising.

- A silly Adama/Roslin ficlet I wrote at work. (The challenge was to get Laura in a flight suit. Hmm, yes.)

- An awesome reply by a librarian to a parent complaining about a children's book about a gay wedding.

- I love wikis. There's the original and supreme Wikipedia. There's even the Fandom Wank wiki. There's the total LOL-worthy Conservapedia. There's the Battlestar Galactica wiki. There's the World of Warcraft wiki. Mmmm. Wikis. You have a wiki love too?

- LJ sort of bringing back basic accounts? Also, there's a possible new profile page look that leaves me decidedly lukewarm. (Also, I'm starting to desire a just Adama/Roslin LJ layout. I am ever sad.)

- Discussions one should never have while eating lunch with colleagues at work - what actually happens to the human body when submerged in cold water for long at sea. (Answer: A whole lot of extremely uncomfortable things.) Even if this is quite relevant for a sea-faring country such as Norway. I still have no appetite :(

Wheee weekend.

In other news:
Why you can't die on Svalbard.
A judicial inquiry into the wartime activities of Jewish anti-Nazi resistance fighters in Lithuania causes controversy.
Belgium's King rejects Prime Minister resignation.
Italian heavy mental monk releases second album.
Man arrested for sheep-buggering.
A 16 year-old asylum seeker from Somalia in what appears to be a random shooting.
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This cold is really getting me down. Seriously, I spent most of Friday in some sort of vague comatose condition and today is just a vague annoying blur. My voice alternates between sounding like William Adama's long lost daughter and breaking completely and the less said about my cough the better. I can't focus for long and really, it's one big body conspiracy against me. I can't remember the last time I got something this bad, and in summer of all things.

So yeah, if you're trying to get in touch with me these days about something, I'm not ignoring you to be mean, honestly.

So, am zombie!me missing anything or you got anything that'll cheer me up? Please tell!HELP. I think I'm going a bit mental.

Here's one I found the other day - how to sell an invasion of New Zealand to Australians. Hee.
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Pop quiz time!

What to do when your brother's gf asks to read your porn and other burning questions )

These are PRESSING ISSUES, as you can tell. Also, now I feel extra naughty for writing BSG adult stuff while they were here. Oops? (But on the bright side, I finished that fic and sent it to beta, so yay I'm productive?)

In other news:

- At last, 30 degrees here! OH HAI THAR SUMMER. Finally, hot and sunny and it's supposed to last all of tomorrow before we get rain again. Which means tomorrow, I'm going swimming in the lake. Hurrah.

- Doctor Who makes fandom_wank again, and it's still not companion wank. Wow.

- Google must divulge the viewing habits of every user who has ever watched any video on YouTube, a US court has ruled. Say what now with the what? Am I the only one to find this somewhat worrying?

- Spoilery pictures of location shooting for the BSG finale. Oooh. Want to see now please?


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